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What You Should Know About Daylight Saving Petitions

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Daylight saving started back in 1918.Since the ritual has been in practice with the belief that it is a good way to save energy. When people enjoy one hour of their evenings with sunlight, they will not need any lighting. This means that the energy used for lighting is saved. It was also argued that when energy consumption is reduced, U.S will stop over depending on foreign oil for energy production. The truth is daylight saving does not save energy at all. For instance when Australia applied this technique during Olympics games in 2000; electricity bill still remained the same. There was no difference and this is a good evidence that daylight saving should come to an end.

People have different opinions about daylight saving. So many people view this practice as outdated and they want it abolished. There are different arguments that are making people want the daylight saving abolished. Some people believe that the car collisions that happen in spring are caused by daylight saving. There are also some other groups that feel that this practice deny them an hour of sleep. Even though the transition is carried out at a time when most of the people are home, it will still affect people. The argument is that very few economic activities happen at the time and only a few people are not yet home but the truth is that it will still affect people especially on their mental health. Check out End Daylight Saving Time to gain more ideas about this.

When the shift of the clock is done, a lot of Americans will lose at least forty minutes of sleep. If they do not sleep for enough hours the will go to work and start yawning, discover more here. This will have a direct impact on the economy since the productivity will go down. Each year a lot of millions are lost due to the effects of the clock adjustments.

The daylight petition should be pushed through to protect the lives of people with Seasonal Affective Disorder. The effect is due to the fact that they will not get one hour of light in the morning like in the normal days. Many people who experience heart attacks during these seasons have linked it to the switch. There are many regions that are doing so well without daylight saving. Places like Puerto Rico and Guam do not get affected by the switch and they are just okay. After reading all the reasons above, I think it is high time that daylight saving is scratched.

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